Planets, Stars, Galaxies and The Universe Workshop

The Arboretum, University of Guelph

Throughout this series of twelve lectures (2 per evening for 6 weeks), we’ll explore many of the wonders of the night sky. We’ll examine every day phenomena, such as night and day, seasons, and the motions of the Earth, planets and Sun. We’ll also probe the origin and fate of the stars (and ourselves), including our own Sun, the Milky Way, and our universe. With each step taken toward understanding our place in the universe we are closer to understanding planet Earth - our fantastically rare and incredible home. Note: on clear nights the schedule will be modified as we will be outside looking up so the evening may end a little later. Guest Instructor: Trevor Chandler. Early Bird Fee: $125.00 if done on or before Sunday, February 25. Registrations after this date will cost $140.00. Note: If we don't have enough registrations by the early bird deadline the course may be cancelled. Maximum 30 adults per session.

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Name: The Arboretum The University of Guelph

Phone: (519)824-4120

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