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Police Report 30% Increase In Domestic Violence Calls: Protection of Children during COVID-19

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Domestic Violence Puts Adults and Children At Risk During Pandemic

Increased Risk From Violence Unacceptable

Guelph / Wellington, Ontario - During this pandemic, many children are at risk. Those who were vulnerable before are more vulnerable now because of physical isolation.

In many communities there have been fewer referral calls to Family and Children's Services and at the same time police are seeing an increase in calls related to domestic violence. 

We know that most parents are doing the best they can for their children, but in times of high anxiety and financial stress, they may become overwhelmed. Right now, children are not in classrooms or daycares where teachers or caregivers might notice things that worry them.

So many community partners, are reaching out to community members to watch out for concerns or signs happening around especially now during this difficult time.

Even during this pandemic you can help by:

  1. Keeping open communication with your children about their friend groups. Kids and teens may tell their own friends about issues at home.
  2. Ensuring online safety at home. Children and teens no longer have the outlet of activities and may be more vulnerable to online predators.
  3. Checking in with families and friends who you know may be struggling.
  4. Referring families to the Family and Children Serives website if they need community resources and support. (See link below.)
  5. Sharing with kids you know that Kids Help Phone is an e-mental health service which is open 24/7 without any face-to-face contact. (See link below)
  6. Contacting Family and Children’s Services In Guelph / Wellington Call us anytime, day or night: 1-800-265-8300 or 519-824-2410 if you have concerns about a child.This is a safety net for children at risk. Visit the link below  to learn more.
  7. Considering becoming a Short Term Care Provider (Fostering Kids) for children whose parents are unable to look after them because they are ill with the COVID-18 virus. Visit the link below  to learn more.
  8. Sharing this message with your colleagues and people in your network.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or know someone who may be, please call 911 or the Guelph Police Service Non-emergency number: 1-866-513-8062 Or 519-824-1212

Guelph Wellington Women In Crisis Centre 24-hour Crisis Line 519-836-5710 or 1-800- 265-7233 - support and information. Fax: 519-836-1979. Email:  - If in danger call 911.

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