GRCA Flood Message #3 - Flood Watch: DO NOT WALK On Frozen Bodies of Water!!!

Flood Watch ALERT: GRCA Flood Message #3

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) is issuing the following Flood Watch message for the entire Grand River watershed due to the risk of ice movement and continued potential for ice jams. This message updates GRCA Flood Message #2, previously in effect.

River flows continue to recede throughout the Grand River watershed following last week’s weather event and cold temperatures are anticipated to persist through the weekend. Above seasonal temperatures are expected later next week, which may further increase the risk of ice movement.

Municipal Flood Coordinators in areas prone to ice jams, including Grand Valley and New Hamburg should continue to monitor conditions closely and take any necessary actions to prepare for the possibility of flooding.

Based on the current conditions, the potential for flooding due to ice jams remains wherever ice is present in the river system. Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with local municipal flood response programs and be prepared for flooding due to the elevated risk with this event. 

Ice on local waterbodies, where it remains, has been significantly weakened, resulting in extremely unsafe conditions. The public is asked to stay off all water bodies. Accessing frozen water bodies puts both the public and municipal first responders at risk. Anyone who falls through the ice could experience hypothermia and death within minutes. 

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