Guelph pair arrested in ‘grandparent scams’: Elderly Victims bilked of nearly $40,000

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Guelph pair arrested in ‘grandparent scams’

Two Guelph residents, including a 16-year-old female, have been arrested in connection with “grandparent scams” which defrauded local seniors of nearly $40,000.

In one case, an 80-year-old Guelph female received a call from someone claiming to be her grandson. The caller claimed he had been arrested and caught with a large amount of marijuana and needed $10,000 for bail. Arrangements were made for a supposed law enforcement representative to attend the victim’s residence to collect the cash, which happened later that day.

In the second case, an elderly couple received a call indicating their son had been arrested and required money for bail. That couple was visited three times by a female suspect and handed over $26,000 in total before realizing they were victims of fraud.

The Guelph Police Service Fraud Unit worked with police services in other jurisdictions and were able to identify two suspects.

A 20-year-old Guelph male and 16-year-old Guelph female each face charges of fraud over $5,000. Both have been released with court dates in September.

The Guelph Police Service reminds residents to be cautious when dealing with people on the telephone, even if you believe you know who you are talking to.

  • Never send or give money to people you are not sure you know
  • Take the time to verify the story
  • If the story involves a loved one, try to contact that person on your own or ask questions only they would be able to answer
  • Never volunteer personal information to callers
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